30 years of seafood industry experience helping hundreds of companies solve their business problems

Your partner

While the NetYield platform is designed to require minimal setup and training, the purchase of any ERP system is a major financial and operational decision for a company. Many businesses are looking for more than just software, they are looking for a partner with deep expertise that can help them get the most out of their ERP system. NetYield offers a full line of expertise across cost accounting, operational efficiency, inventory management, processing manufacturing, software engineering, and IT to our clients. We bring years of seafood experience to any problem to ensure our clients' operations aren't just running smoothly, but are best practice.

Tailoring the software to your business

Pre-purchase assessment Our consultant will review your business to map out a full solution to your operation, often including an on-site assessment so that no detail is overlooked to ensure a quick and accurate implementation.

Software design and setup We work with the operators of your business to collect and consolidate key information, allowing the system to anticipate your operation, reducing time spent entering data. We tailor the platform to your operation, modifying fields and forms to simplify operations and training.

Go live / follow up review We'll be there with you as you start using NetYield, making sure you successfully track and account for the buying, selling, transferring, and processing of inventory. Our consultant will stay with you in the days and weeks following to adjust practices where needed and support one-time processes (e.g., closing end of month).

Training for maximum efficiency

We'll prepare employees to get the most out of the NetYield platform and understand new financial and inventory controls. We train with the same consultants that design and implement your ERP, so they understand how your business works and can adapt the training accordingly. Training can be conducted on-site for larger teams or remotely to help reduce cost. We also provide written guides to serve as a refresher or to train new employees.

Dedicated, ongoing support

We maintain 24/7 phone and phone support to reflect the round-the-clock nature of the seafood industry. Our support team has a full understanding of our accounting and inventory models and approach, allowing them to rapidly resolve any issue. They also have IT expertise to help resolve the problem if it resides in the environment around our software. Our team will work with you to keep your software up to date, whether it is releasing new functionality or upgrading to new technology.

Extending the platform

NetYield is supporting the daily operations of hundreds of seafood companies across the US, but we are continuously evolving the platform to integrate with new business partners, track new regulatory requirements, include new technology, and support new use cases. Our software is developed by our in-house engineering team, allowing us to get your requirements right the first time and release changes quickly, often within days of the request. We maintain complete control of our platform, so we aren't limited by third-party frameworks or approaches and can make any changes necessary.