Our Software Solution

NetYield is a weight-based ERP focused on increasing financial transparency and operational control while reducing data entry


NetYield is available as a cloud or server-based solution based on the needs of your business.


Our online platform is a full cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. We handle all of the hardware and software and provide you access to your full system through a web browser available anywhere through any device. This eliminates the hassle of hosting your own server, hiring someone to maintain that server, being left in the dark when that server goes down, installing all the packages and components required for an ERP system, and dealing with ongoing software updates. This solution provides the lowest cost of ownership and fastest setup time for most companies.


Our on-premise server platform provides a fully-functional offering for the most complex operations, companies seeking more control or integration over the software, or companies that have a well established IT infrastructure.

Detailed Feature Comparison

Online Server
General Real-time inventory, quantity on hand and available adjusted for anticipated transactions
Multiple units of measure on all transactions
Lotted and unlotted items by location
Accounting entries generated by inventory transactions
Offsetting accounts used to compare cost estimates to actual expenses
Purchasing Purchases with charges and lot attributes
Receive multiple lots per line item purchased
Inventory valued when completing a purchase, including charges
Settlement pricing at line or lot level
Full Payables: vouchers, voucher adjustments, and checks
Selling Commit inventory from a lot, an anticipated lot, or at the item level
Build Sales Orders from a customer's history
Items priced with base prices and exceptions
Professional forms: Unshipped Order, Shipped Order, Bill of Lading, and Release
Shipping can select or confirm inventory lots
Shipping without inventory allows the item quantity to go negative temporarily
Costs assigned when inventory becomes available for costing
Credit Orders based on and limited to the original invoice
Inventory Transfers that move inventory to a new item, location and/or lot with no weight change
Inventory Adjustments to any item and or lot with any value change identified
Uncosted invoice lines don't distort margins
Lot Charges allocate costs over all inventory in a location
Charge analysis by charge type, order type, and between dates
Lot history by location and item
Inventory Valuation by location for items and/or lots with attributes
Physical Inventory by location for items and/or lots with attributes
Accounting Full AP: Vouchers, Voucher Adjustments, Checks, AP Aging, Vendor Accounts
Full AR: Receipts, Deposits, Credit/Debit Memos, AR Aging, Customer Accounts
Journal Entries: reversing and recurring as adjustable or standard
Journals: Checks, Invoices, Vouchers, Costing, Receipts, General, Deposits, and Charges
Accruals: Invoices, Vouchers, and Costings
Full Financial Reporting: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and General Ledger
Customer Statements
Bank Reconciliation - clear checks and deposits, identifying outstanding
Processing Transfers that move inventory to a new item, location and/or lot with a weight change
Inverted Bill of Material (one raw material makes many finished goods)
Work Order uses the primary raw material and any other raw materials required for the finished good
Work Order adds any charges needed to the finished good
Production Results shown in the Work Order
Transfers using a recipe to move predetermined quantities of items to a work in progress code
Discrete Bill of Material (many raw materials make one finished good)
Planning Reporting - Inventory, Demand, Incoming, Production Demand, Shortages
Distribution Items are organized by departments, all orders are assigned a route
Picklists by department and route list allow order lines to be picked together for shipment
Departments' picklists are each organized according to best product handling
Picklist allows shipments of order lines in picklist order
Dispatching shows progress shipping each route's orders until fully shipped
Allows reassignment of an order to another route
Prints load sheets and invoices for each route in reverse stop order
Prints Route Journals summarizing the financial transaction with the customer